A trip home for ice cream – Broom’s Bloom Dairy

blooms broom ice cream sign

In my world, summer equals travel.  Friends to visit, weddings to attend, vacations to plan, and trips to the beach.  Living far away from my family means even more trips these days.  A few weeks ago, I travelled home to Maryland (once again) to visit family and attend a wedding.  The trip was a nice break from the heat and humidity of New Orleans (even though it was 80 degrees in my hometown and everyone was complaining it was “muggy”).  My husband and I even had time to run the Bel Air Town Run 5K.  I never ran this race when I lived at home so it was kind of an accomplishment.

blooms broom ice cream outside

Given my love for ice cream, my parents insisted that we visit a local creamery while I was in town.  Broom’s Bloom Dairy is a farm that sits on a wide open space in Bel Air, Maryland.  It is nice to see that farms like this one still exist given the ongoing growth and development that my hometown has experienced over the past 20 years.  The original farmhouse dates back to the 1700s, but only recently did the Dallam family (who has taken care of the farm for 9 generations) decide to start raising cows to milk.  A few years ago they began making ice cream.  The ice cream was originally sold at local farmers’ market and quickly became a hit among townspeople.

blooms broom ice cream counter

As success grew, the farm needed a bigger space to sell its products and a store was built on the farm.  In addition to a large selection of ice creams, you can buy milk, eggs, artisan cheese, pork sausage as well as other local meats and farmed products.  The store sells a few deli items like sandwiches and soup, but it appears that most customers make the trip to the edge of town to eat ice cream.

blooms broom ice cream farm

When I visited the store, it was filled with customers (and a lot of cow memorabilia) and the line snaked towards the door.  The ice cream menu was filled with selections of classic and “modern” flavors.  I chose the cinnamon honey vanilla and orange chocolate chip.  Other family members sampled the cranberry walnut and cookie dough ice creams.  The ice cream has an excellent texture – not too much air, creamy and dense, with a pleasing mouthfeel that is not too thick.  The flavors are intense and the portions are huge.  I don’t think you could go wrong with any flavor choice.

blooms broom ice cream scoopThis is a small…yeah, huge.

When my family and I left the store, one question was on my mind – Where was this place when I was a child?  I would have asked to visit every weekend.  And now that I have been introduced to the ice cream at Broom’s Bloom Dairy, I will be back during every visit home.

Broom’s Bloom Dairy
1700 S. Fountain Green Road (MD 543)

Bel Air, MD 21015


Another place to find Broom’s Bloom Dairy ice cream:

Saturday Morning Bel Air Farmers Market
7am-11am – April-Oct
Bond and Thomas Streets
Downtown Bel Air


  1. Ron says

    This place has great atmosphere but you don't eat atmosphere. The ice cream is marginal at best. The servings are small and the selection is very limited. It is certainly a good thing to support local farms but in this case the farm doesn't respond with a good product.

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