About Me

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My name is Lindsay, and I am obsessed with ice cream!  To be more accurate, I am passionate about anything related to ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and [insert your favorite frozen dessert]! I have always loved ice cream.  I fondly remember making trips to the local ice cream stand as a child. The excitement of picking the flavor, the sweet and creamy taste, the cool ice cream dripping down my hand as I licked the cone.  My love for ice cream has taken me to more ice cream shops that I can count. In each new city I visit, one of the first things I find is ice cream.

My life changed the day I acquired a brand new ice cream maker. I could finally create my own ice cream flavors in the comfort of my home.  I had so many ideas and so much fun being creative in the kitchen that I decided to share my ideas with the internet world.  I was never sure how many people would be interested in reading about my ice cream adventures, but I figured there must be other people in the world who love ice cream as much as I do.  My husband, Keith, has willingly become the guinea pig for several new flavors.  One day I plan to fulfill my dream of opening my own ice cream shop.

For more information about my ice cream and frequently asked questions, visit the FAQ page.