Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream – Mobile, AL

cammie's old dutch ice cream chocolate peanut butter 2

A couple months ago my husband and I decided to take a road trip.  It was our anniversary and we decided it was time to venture outside of our new hometown and explore the roads.  We decided to drive to Destin, FL, home to lovely beaches and blue waters.  The weekend was wonderful (aside from the fire in our hotel…long story).  A bit too cool to go into the water but warm enough for me to sit on the beach with my toes in the sand and enjoy my favorite book.  One disappointment for the weekend, however, was the lack of ice cream shops in Destin.  Tourist town + beach town = ice cream, right? What beach town doesn’t have its own ice cream shop? Well apparently not Destin.  We drove all over town looking for ice cream and we were 0 for 3. Aside from a Marble Slab Co., all of the shops were shut down.  Not just shut down for the season, but completely empty…CLOSED.  Definitely disappointing.

cammie's old dutch ice cream sign

So during the drive home we decided to see if we could find an ice cream shop.  The winner?  Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice cream in Mobile, AL.  (Thank goodness for my cell phone and mobile apps).  I picked Mobile because it was just off of the interstate and it was a city I had never visited before.  The route to the ice cream shop brought us through a charming section of the city with old homes and big trees.  As we drove up to the bright yellow barn-looking structure, I was excited.  Finally, I could eat ice cream.   It is never a vacation for me without ice cream.  Apparently, Cammie is a reletively new owner of this Mobile institution that opened in the 1970s.  It hasn’t changed much since…the inside still looks like the original ice cream parlor (a little on the run-down side).

cammie's old dutch ice cream chocolate peanut butter

I ordered the chocolate peanut butter flavor.  My scoop had a somewhat of a gritty and icey texture and the chocolate was not as dark as I prefer.  More like milk chocolate.  Although I didn’t ask, the ice cream is most likely a custard-style ice cream due to the heavy mouth feel.  I loved the big chunks of peanut butter which were a nice texture (not frozen solid…likely because of all the fat).  Despite my disagreement with the texture, the ice cream was satisfying and definitely worth the trip into the city for my ice cream fix.  Many Mobile locals give this place rave reviews.  I give it a 6/10.

So check it out the next time you make in to Mobile and send me your opinion…whenever that will be.

Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream
2511 Old Shell Rd Mobile, AL 36607

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