Peppermint Cookie Ice Cream

peppermint cookie ice cream

Happy New Year!  As you can tell from my lack of recent posts, its been a busy few weeks.  So as such, I kind of cheated with this week’s recipe.  I didn’t really create a new recipe to share with you, just a new version of one my favorites.  A few months ago I made Double Oreo Ice Cream as a way to test out how it would taste to steep cookies in an ice cream base.  The ice cream was a huge success and I have received several requests to remake the recipe since October. 

Shoofly Pie Ice Cream

shoofly pie molasses ice cream (1)

I grew up in a family deep-seeded in Pennsylvania Dutch heritage.  They expressed this heritage primarily through food.  At every holiday event there was something on the table that was a reminder of their culture – Funny Cake, Creamed Cabbage, Ring Bologna, Filling (to name a few).  Shoofly Pie was a particular favorite of the family, with its gooey molasses bottom, cakey middle, and light layer of crumb on top.