Vegan Chocolate Cardamom Ice Cream

chocolate cardamom ice cream vegan 2

Although it may be an obvious point, I have a major sweet tooth.  Cookies, bars, pies, ice cream – it does not matter.  Sugar is my weakness, and among all of the ice cream flavors I have made, I love the chocolate flavors the most.  Deep down, when I crave something sweet, it is usually… [read more]

White Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream Sandwich

white chocolate lavender ice cream sandwiches

As you may have noticed, I have a predilection for lavender lately.  Honestly I have enjoyed lavender as a culinary flavor for some time, experimenting through ice cream flavors such as Lavender HoneyLavender Vanilla & Wildberry Lavender ice creams.  Lavender appears to be a favorite flavor of the internets as well, since these ice cream flavors are some of my top viewed posts.