Review: FoMu Vegan Ice Cream

FoMu Ice Cream 1

A BIG Congratulations goes to Gail Farley, winner of the Scoop Adventures Cookbook giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered.  If you did not win and would still like a copy of cookbook, click on the Order Now link on the sidebar for options for purchase, including purchase of an author-signed copy.  While much of… [read more]

Ice Cream in New Orleans

pb fudge pie NOLA

If you follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter than you probably figured out that I was visiting my former residence of New Orleans this past week.  My husband and I decided to make a trip to NOLA to visit friends and take in some of the Mardi Gras festivities and parades.  Needless to say,… [read more]

Review: Steve’s Ice Cream

steves ice cream review mexican chocolate salty caramel

It is time for another review!  I heard about Steve’s Ice Cream sometime ago, but only recently did the pints make their way to the Whole Foods in my area.  As a small batch ice cream maker based out of Brooklyn, Steve’s creates grown-up spins on traditional flavors as well as their own interesting creations. 

Review: Moorenko’s

moorenkos white chocolate mint review

Finally I am happy to present another ice cream pint review to my readers.  It has been quite a while since I wrote a review for this blog. Primarily I believe the gap in reviews is because I went through most of the available pints in New Orleans, plus I enjoy making ice cream more than buying it.  But now that I am living in another part of the country there is a new-to-me selection of pints in the store, so I was excited to a try a few pints (plus it was good research for the cookbook I’m writing).

Ice Cream on Maui

coconut lemongrass ice cream maui

Recently I had the good fortune of spending time on the beautiful island of Maui.  Among the waterfall hikes, lazy days on the beach, and sunset views on the mountain of Haleakala, I had the opportunity to eat some great food and delicious ice cream.  Below you will find pictures and descriptions of ice cream and restaurants on Maui that I would highly recommend you try if you find yourself on this gorgeous island!  Enjoy!