Dinner & Ice cream at The American Sector

american sector ice cream

One of the great things about New Orleans is the variety of food and the abundance of friendly food lovers willing to give you their suggestions and recommendations.  It has been through the recommendations of these friendly people that I have found some great local food, including pizza, sandwiches, bagels, po-boys, seafood, BBQ, thai, italian, and good ‘ol southern cuisine (to name a few).  I also have been given several good suggestions for ice cream experiences in NOLA.

american sector sandwich

My most recent adventure took me to The American Sector restaurant (recommended by @nolamaven via twitter).  Located in the recently opened World War II museum, this Chef John Besh restaurant presents as classy yet simple with both its atmosphere and food.  Designed to go along with the museum time line, the restaurant and cocktail menus provide the diner with several “classic” selections with a modern spin.

american sector

I decided to order the shrimp salad sandwich, which came nicely presented on a mini butcher block with a tin can full of freshly made potato chips.  The sandwich was piled high with creamy, well-seasoned shrimp that paired well with the salty and smokey flavor of the chips. My husband enjoyed his pork cheeks served on top of corn bread and a black-eyed pea reduction.

Of course I made sure to leave room for some ice cream.  Initially when I asked the server if the ice cream was made in the restaurant, he was unsure and guessed that it was not.  No worries, the desserts still sounded fabulous.  I ordered the warm apple turnover with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream.  The turnover was warm, fragrant, and gooey on the inside with a crisp outside, tasting like a folded apple pie.  I concentrated most on the ice cream…good texture…creamy with a hint of cinnamon…a taste of vanilla that was much more prominent than a taste of butter…whole toasted pecans.  This definitely tasted homemade to me.  I asked again and sure enough the server came back and indicated that all of the ice cream was house made.  Now that I know, I will have to return to try the hazelnut banana chocolate split.  And after the friendly service and satisfying food experience,  I will definitely be back!

The American Sector
945 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130,
(504) 528-1940


  1. AnneBerryWrites says

    Hi Lindsay,

    Great post! Last time I was at American Sector, I tried their sweet corn ice cream with the Sector Jacks dessert -the ice cream was crazy good. Do you remember seeing it on the menu?

    And what’s your favorite savory ice cream flavor?

  2. Lindsay says

    I did not see the sweet corn ice cream on the menu, but I would definitely try it if it was! One of my favorite "savory" flavors is actually a sweet corn and blackberry ice cream with Jeni’s in Columbus, OH. Salted caramel too (if that counts). I have a new flavor brewing that include beets and it tastes really good…stay tuned!

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