Gift Guide for the Ice Cream Lover

The winter holiday season is the perfect time to show the ice cream lover in your life that you care.  It has been four years since I published my last ice cream guide (how is that possible?) so I hope this updated list helps you find the perfect gift for the season. Whether you love ice cream or love someone who loves ice creams, this comprehensive gift guide is sure to satisfy the ice cream lover in your life.


Give an Ice Cream Maker – For the ultimate gift this holiday season, give the ice cream lover on your list the gift that keeps on a giving.  Soon pints of homemade ice cream will end up on your doorstep as your friend or family member enjoys making their own ice cream treats.  My favorite high-end ice cream makers are the Breville Smart Scoop and the Cuisinart ICE-100More affordable options are available and the still make a fantastic scoop.

Ice Cream Cookbook – If your friend or family member loves making ice cream (or you have decided to buy them an ice cream maker), an ice cream cookbook is essential.  My favorite ice cream cookbook is, of course, Scoop Adventures: The Best Ice Cream of the 50 States.  Other favorites include The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer.

scoop adventures book pic

Give the gift of ice cream –  Any lover of ice cream will enjoy receiving a gift of artisan ice cream on his/her doorstep this holiday season.  Choose your own mix of pints or a preselected collection of flavors. Ice Cream gifts usually start around $50 plus shipping and go up from there.  Some of my favorite artisan ice creams available for shipping: Ample Hills Creamery, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Graeter’s Ice Cream, Steve’s Ice Cream.

Give an ice cream gift card – Some people argue that gift cards are impersonal and take little thought, but when you have taken the time to investigate and find your ice cream lovers favorite ice cream spot they will be more than happy to receive cash to spend on their favorite scoop.  Many ice cream shops sell gift certificates online.

Although most ice cream lovers have been known to eat ice cream straight from the pint, serving ice cream is more enjoyable with nice accessories.


Ice Cream Scoops – My favorite ice cream scoop is the Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop. It is made of aluminum and thus light-weight making is comfortable to hold and scoop.  It has a self-defrosting fluid inside which makes it easier to scoop hard ice cream. The scoop comes in multiple sizes (I use the green scoop). 

Freezer-safe Storage – If you make your own ice cream, then sturdy freezer-safe containers are essential.  I just ordered myself a Tovolo Glide-a-Scoop Freezer Container.  The shape seems like it would be ideal for scooping and storage.  Other study plastic and glass containers would work as well

Ice Cream Transport – For those who love buying ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop, help them make sure their favorite flavor makes it home safely.  I love the Zak Designs Ice Cream Container.  It has thick walls to help insulted and a freezable top to help keep contents cool.  I also love that it comes in many colors.


Ice Cream Dishes – You can’t go wrong giving a foodie pretty kitchenware, so why not give an ice cream lover some beautiful ice cream dishes?  There are too many types of dishes to list them all, but my favorite are clear glass dessert dishes (as seen in many of my ice cream pictures) so you can see all of the delicious ice cream inside.

Ice Cream Spoons – Spoons, you ask?  Yes, spoons make a difference in the ice cream experience.  Some like small spoons while others like big spoons.  Special ice cream or gelato spoons will make your ice cream lover feel extra special.  Try out these ice cream spoons that have a blunted edge for easier scooping.

Make your own ice cream –  I am a big fan of making and receiving edible gifts.  I would be thrilled to receive a gift of homemade ice cream. Need containers to give away your ice cream?  Try these plastic Ball containers.

Design an Ice Cream experience – Be creative this holiday season and create a special moment  for the ice cream lover in your life.  Plan a holiday ice cream social. Set up a private ice cream tasting at their favorite ice cream shop. Visit a favorite ice cream factory or production plant.  Buy some of your favorite ice cream pints and invite friends and family to your home (or party spot) for a special ice cream tasting. The sky (or scoop) is the limit!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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