Ice Cream in Disney

disney castle

Over the weekend I returned, once again, to the magical world of Disney.  My husband and I are fans of the happiest place on Earth, and we decided to take advantage of the fact that we now live only a short plane hop away from Orlando.  Before this trip, we had never been to Disney World during the Christmas season.  Miles of garland, decorative bows, sparkly lights, and magic galore awaited us.  We enjoyed every moment.  Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom was…well…magical:)

disney mint chip ice cream

During every trip I make to Disney I am sure to eat ice cream…uh, every day (I take the “eat anything you want on vacation” thing a little too far sometimes).  I eat the ice cream at Disney mainly for the expereince.  Sure it tastes good, but the ice cream itself isn’t very special.  Brand name, lots of overrun, and an exorbitant amount of sugar.  But the experience is always what I remember.  Walking into the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, the smell of waffle cones permeates the air and the Disney cast members are dressed in period garb to fit in with the old-time ice cream parlor theme.  Somehow, regular old ice cream tastes magical.  There is something to be said for ambiance.

disney dole whip

For ice cream on day number two, I ate a scoop of Pineapple Whip ice cream.  Soft serve, a little icey, and very sweet…it was a nice end to a nice lunch, and again always something I look forward too.  I first discovered this ice cream in Magic Kingdom by the suggestion of my Aunt (a Disney buff herself), but this year I enjoyed this scoop at the Polynesian Resort while taking a break from the parks. Yum!

So the next time you make it to Disney, make sure to eat ice cream everyday.  Why?  Eating ice cream is good…eating ice cream in the shape of Mickey is great…but eating ice cream in magical surroundings…priceless.


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    I agree…Disney icecreams have something special with them. The are much more creamier and your pictures are a delight to eyes.

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