King’s Ice Cream of Delaware

kings ice cream sign

I miss the beach.  Louisiana has some coast line but not really good beaches.  I have driven to the Florida panhandle beaches, and they are beautiful, but they are not like the beaches from home.  I have a little place in my heart for the dark blue waters and gritty sand of the mid-atlantic.  A recent trip to visit the in-laws brought me to the sandy beaches of my youth.  It was nice to say hello again.  I’ll be back someday.

kings ice cream inside

The trip home also meant that I had a chance to visit a favorite ice cream shop, King’s Ice Cream.  Located in Lewes and Milton, Delaware, King’s has been serving scoops of ice cream since 1972.  The location in Milton was the original and is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the county.  The Lewes store opened a few years later and remains located among the quaint shops and restaurants of  Second Street.  Three generations of the King family have now worked and/or owned the company. King’s Ice Cream is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

kings ice cream

Mint Chocolate Chip has always been my favorite King’s flavor.  Each bite is filled with refreshing mint and small bits of chocolate mixed throughout the ice cream.  Personally, I’d prefer it to be even more minty, but it is still very good.  During my latest trip, I also revisited the Oh Cookie ice cream (a version of Cookies and Cream).  I think it tastes a little too much like vanilla and not enough cookie; bigger chunks would take it from good to great!  The texture is creamy but airy.  Overall, King’s ice cream delivers a combination of good flavor and nostalgia that will always result in a satisfied customer.

King’s Ice Cream
201 Second Street
Lewes, DE

302 Union Street
Milton, DE


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