La Dolce Nola – New Orleans, LA

Soon after moving to New Orleans (19 months ago – time flies!), I visited every well known ice cream/gelato shop in the area.  And for the most part, New Orleans did not disappoint me.  There was the traditional gelato from Angelo Brocato, the decadent flavors at Sucre and La Divina, and the wild and wacky creamy scoops from Creole Creamery.  Several months ago I heard there was a new scoop in town – La Dolce Nola.  The shop is located in a part of the city that I rarely frequent (because its not close to home) so it took me many months, and a couple twitter invites from the owner, to make it to the shop.

la dolce vita

La Dolce Nola was opened in December 2010 and is situated in a row of shops in Old Metarie.  The store is bright and open and the gelato case is the focus of the store.  The gelato is made in house by the owners.  Flavors range from the traditional vanilla and chocolate hazelnut to the very non-traditional, such as Peeps and Snickers flavors (both vanilla base with mix-ins).  A couple sorbettos were available as well.  After several tastings I chose a scoop of Thin Mint and my husband chose a scoop of Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate and peanut butter swirl).  We were both very satisfied with our scoops.  The gelato had a light mouth feel and subtle flavor.  I liked the addition of the cookies for extra crunch.  I tasted my husband’s scoop and although I would have preferred the chocolate to be a bit darker, the peanut butter gelato had good flavor.

la dolce vita 2

If you are in their part of town, stop by and try a scoop at La Dolce Nola.  Let me know what you think.

La Dolce Nola
200 Metairie Rd, Ste 100
Metairie, LA 70005

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