Manhattan Float

manhattan ice cream float

For a long time I didn’t think I liked cherry vanilla ice cream.  The cause of distaste may have been related to an unfortunate childhood run-in with the disgustingly sweet cherry-flavored variety of cherry vanilla ice cream.  More recently I discovered my love for sour and tart cherries and how they can be made into a beautiful topping or sauce with just a little bit of sugar and spice.  Last night, for instance, I made a cherry gastrique to pour on top of salmon.  Lovely.

Jeni Britton Bauer elevates the flavors of cherry and vanilla by combining them in a float inspired by the Manhattan cocktail.  By simply cooking down cherries and sugar and adding bourbon, one is left with a pleasingly tart and boozy syrup.  When the cherry syrup is added to vanilla ice cream and topped cherry soda the result is a float that no one can turn one away (my hubs and I each indulged in a float for lunch the other day).

For the recipe, watch Jeni make a Manhattan Float on the Daily Candy.  Video below.  Enjoy!

manhattan ice cream float 2


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