New Orleans Ice Cream Company

new orleans ice cream company coffee chicory review

For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you will recall that I recently enjoyed the pairing of homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee ice cream in my Chocolate Chip & Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Pairing the flavors of chocolate and coffee is one of my favorite pairings (especially in desserts).  Both foods come from beans that are cultivated for their special taste and roasted to perfection. Both chocolate and coffee are bitter and complex, with several flavors distinguishable in each bite/sip (such as vanilla, fruit, or spices). Mmm…I really want some coffee right now.

But enough about last week’s post.  Today I will focus on the ice cream.  Previous pint reviews have focused on pints local to Louisiana, but unfortunately when the pints were finished I was left feeling disappointed.  Some pints were off in their texture – too milky, too icey, or too gritty. Many were lacking the depth of flavor and the dense texture that I desire.  This week I put another Louisiana ice cream up to the challenge – a pint of New Orleans Ice Cream Company Coffee & Chicory ice cream.  I entered this tasting with a bit of skepticism given the other less-than-stellar Louisiana pints that I have experienced, but with the first bite the skepticism disappeared and was replaced with content.  This ice cream had the creamy, tongue-coating, dense texture that I enjoy as well as a strong coffee flavor and a well-balanced hint of chicory.  The ratio of coffee, sugar, and milk was similar to a cup a coffee that I enjoy – not too sweet but not too bitter, lots of milk – making it a perfect compliment to my chocolate chip cookies.

I will definitely buy another New Orleans Ice Cream company pint again, and I look forward to enjoying other flavors.  Pints appear to be available in most New Orleans’ grocery stores.  Check with the company for more information on availability in your area.

New Orleans Ice Cream Company
1000 Bourbon Street, #335
New Orleans, LA 70116

Chocolate Chip & Coffee Ice Cream SandwichesChocolate Chip & Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches
(in case you missed them)


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