Review: Aglamesis Brothers

A couple of weeks ago, I drove to Cincinnati, OH to visit some friends.  On the way, I decided to stop at a neighborhood ice cream landmark, Aglamesis Brothers.  In late 19th century, the first of the Aglamesis brothers immigrated from Greece.  His brothers soon joined him and in 1908, the brothers made enough money to open their own ice cream parlor. In 1913, they purchased their second shop (which remains open today).  Over the years, the business has remained in family hands and is now operated by a third generation Aglamesis.  In addition to specializing in French-style ice cream you can also purchase an array of homemade chocolates.  The business has a national reputation and has been recognized in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Bon Appetit, and Chocolatier magazines.

Algamesis Bros storefront

As you walk into the store, you can tell that the store hasn’t changed much from the original parlor that was opened in 1913.  Pink walls house a long ice cream bar and small tables where you can enjoy your ice cream.  The staff is polite and the ice cream is served in cute, silver ice cream dish.

Algamesis Bros menu

I noted above that the shop specializes in French-style (custard) ice creams. Yes, I prefer to make Philadelphia-style ice creams, but I do not discriminate when it comes in sampling and eating ice cream.  I decided to order the Peach Ice Cream, claimed to be made with fresh peaches.  Upon first bite, I noted an excellent texture.  Although the ice cream is made with eggs, it was not too heavy.  The taste was a bit sweet for me.  I felt that the peaches were over-powered by the sweetness and it gave the ice cream a peach-flavored taste instead of the taste of fresh peaches. Despite the sweetness, by the end of the dish I was satisfied and would have been happy to try another flavor…but I had to go to dinner.  Alas, maybe next time.

Peach Ice Cream Algamesis Bros

Aglamesis Brothers
Oakley Sqaure
3046 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

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