Review: Almond Dream

almond dream cappuccino swirl review 2

Since taking on the ice cream world one year ago, I have learned many things about this creamy confection.  One of the most interesting things I have learned is that ice cream does not need to be made with cream.  Not everyone can imbibe dairy products, so the ice cream world has started to get creative with frozen creations made from coconut milk, soy milk, and almond milk (to name a few).  Last week I tried my hand at making a coconut milk sorbet and the results were refreshing and delightful.

About this time last week I decided it was time for another pint review.  Given all of the creative treats in my local Whole Foods freezer, I decided to choose something a little different – Almond Dream – frozen dessert made from almonds.  Gluten free and dairy free.  And did I mention it was tasty?

almond dream cappuccino swirl review

I choose the Cappuccino Swirl flavor.  When I took the first bite, it was obvious that this “ice cream” was made from almonds.  I say this in the best way possible.  The almonds provided a nutty undertone and added a silky texture.  The nutty flavor combined with hints of coffee and chocolate provided a satisfying bite.  My only criticism would be that I thought it was a little too sweet.  Although Almond Dream is not as decadent as ice cream, it is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a satisfying alternative to regular ice cream.


  1. Pat says

    Almond Dream is the best of the alternative "Dream" ice creams. Much better than Soy Dream or Rice Dream, IMO. Look in the ice cream section at any Whole Foods, and you will see all three of the Dreams, plus a wide choice of other brands that are dairy free and gluten free.

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