Review: FoMu Vegan Ice Cream

FoMu Ice Cream 1

A BIG Congratulations goes to Gail Farley, winner of the Scoop Adventures Cookbook giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered.  If you did not win and would still like a copy of cookbook, click on the Order Now link on the sidebar for options for purchase, including purchase of an author-signed copy. 

While much of the country has experienced a pleasant drop in temperature this past week, their hunger for ice cream has not diminshed! I was busy making and scooping ice cream many days over the past week.  FRESHFARM Markets invited me to be the Chef at Market at the Annapolis market on Sunday.  I had a lot of fun teaching people how to make my Peach Honey Habanero Ice Cream and there was a lot of interest in the cookbook.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see me.

FoMu Ice Cream 3

Every once in a while I like to take a break from making ice cream and enjoy the ice cream of others.  As you may recall, I completed a month of Vegan Ice Cream recipes on Scoop Adventures during the month of June.  I had a lot of fun putting together recipes made with coconut and almond milks and the scoops were just as satisfying as any cow-milk ice creams that I have made.  Coincidentally, FoMu, an ice cream company specializing in coconut milk-based ice creams, contacted me to request a review of their ice creams.  While I do not often review ice creams as of late, I decided to give it a try given my recent interest in vegan ice creams.

FoMu Ice Cream 2

FoMu sent me four flavors – Sweet Lavender, Dark & Stormy, Chocolate Pudding, and Cardamom Pistachio.  I have to say that I was impressed with some and not others.  Overall the ice creams have a good texture.  Although hard in texture when they come out of the freezer, the ice creams soften nicely and have a good mouth feel.  The flavors were hit or miss.  Just as I noticed when I was making vegan ice creams with coconut milk, it is hard to cover up the coconut flavor.  Sometimes the coconut flavor adds a nice element to the ice cream while other times it does not.  The Chocolate Pudding ice cream had a great dark chocolate flavor with hints of coconut, which I enjoyed.  The Dark and Stormy ice cream was probably my favorite, with strong and spicy ginger flavor, hints of rum and a barely noticeable coconut flavor. The Cardamom Pistachio and Sweet Lavender were both good but the coconut flavor overtook the other flavors in the ice creams.

Generally, I would recommend FoMu ice cream for anyone who is choosing to eat vegan or cannot eat dairy.  The price point is a little high at $11 per pint, but it is worth a try to see if you like it.  Stick with the bolder flavors and you will be pleased.  FoMu ice creams can be ordered online or visit their store in Boston, MA.

Disclosure: I was contacted by FoMu and sent four complementary pints of ice cream.  I did not receive additional compensation and the statements above solely reflect my opinion and not the opinions of others.


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