Review: Kleinpeter’s Strawberry Ice Cream

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By recommendation of many folk around these parts, I decided to try out a pint of Kleinpeter’s ice cream.  Kleinpeter’s is a local dairy company located in Montpelier, Louisiana.  I buy most of my milk and cream from this company.  It provides environmentally sensitive housing for its cows, produces much of the forage that feeds the cows, and the milk is hormone free.  I was excited when I found out that the company also makes ice cream!

Friends recommended the Cafe au Lait and Sweet Potato flavors.  Unfortunately when I got to the store there was no Sweet Potato and it was too late in the evening to eat ice cream with coffee in it (don’t laugh…the buzz would have kept me up all night!).  So I settled on Strawberry.  A classic flavor made with local Ponchatoula strawberries.

kleinpeter strawberry ice cream (1)

I got home and broke into the container.  The ice cream was easily scoopable once it sat on the counter for a bit.  I took a bite…the first thing I noticed was all of the AIR.  There sure is a lot of overrun in this ice cream!  To some people, who like their ice cream creamy and fluffy, air (or overrun) is a good thing, but to me it is not.  I prefer my ice cream dense and packed with a lot of flavor.  I was disappointed with the flavor.  Not very strawberry if you ask me.  More milky…tasted like a melted strawberry milkshake.  The strawberries themselves were good – sweet and not too frozen.  Overall, the pint was a bit disappointing.  I will have to try some of the other flavors and see if I have the same opinion, but this pint was just another store bought ice cream that did not stand apart from the crowd.

Sorry, locals, don’t stone me.


  1. says

    I tried Kleinpeter ice cream (eggnog flavor around Christmas) and I agree…very milky, not dense and creamy. For what you pay, I expected amazing-ness. No stones here!

  2. Dissapointed says

    I recently purchased kleinpeters peach ice cream and was so disappointed I sent the company an email. The reply was that I should support a Louisiana owned business and appreciate the healthiness of the ice cream… I don't know about you but I don't buy ice cream as part of my "healthy diet" and flavorlessness is something g I can't ignore even if I am supporting local business…

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