Review: Mike’s Ice Cream – Nashville, TN

While making the 14 hour drive from Ohio to Louisiana, my husband and I made a stop in Nashville, Tennessee.  Great city…wish we had more time to actually visit.  But despite the quick stop, we found some good food and (of course) made a stop for ice cream.  We decided to make a visit to Mike’s Ice Cream & Coffee Bar on the famous Broadway.

mikes ice cream nashville

The store was small and the decorations plain, but there was a line out the door! I decided to order the Rocky Road ice cream and my husband ordered the Nutter Butter flavor.  Both tasted like custard-style ice creams (I didn’t actually remember to ask).  The chocolate was not very chocolaty (I like my chocolate ice cream dark and rich) and the ice cream had a heavy, dense consistency (meaning it kind of stuck to my tongue and throat…don’t like that so much), but overall the ice cream delivered the rocky road taste I was looking for with the right amount of mix-ins.  I actually enjoyed my husband’s ice cream better than my own.  His ice cream had a rich peanut butter flavor with a ripple of peanut butter and peanut butter cookies throughout.  Better choice!  Overall a good experience, and a good stop if you are checking out the night life of Nashville.

mikes ice cream rocky road

mikes ice cream nashville inside

Mike’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar
208 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37201

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