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moorenkos white chocolate mint review

Finally I am happy to present another ice cream pint review to my readers.  It has been quite a while since I wrote a review for this blog. Primarily I believe the gap in reviews is because I went through most of the available pints in New Orleans, plus I enjoy making ice cream more than buying it.  But now that I am living in another part of the country there is a new-to-me selection of pints in the store, so I was excited to a try a few pints (plus it was good research for the cookbook I’m writing).

The first review I will bring you is about the ice cream from Moorenko’s.  Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, this ice cream is available throughout the region.  I actually bought two different pints of Moorenko’s ice cream at two different times, with each resulting in a different opinion.  The first flavor I bought was a Cranberry Ice Cream.  I didn’t like it.  It was very icey and not tart like I expected.  Soon after digging into the pint I realized that the pint was expired – by an entire month!  This may explain the iciness.  If the ice cream was on the freezer shelf for a couple months, the constant opening and closing of the door may have resulted in the some refreezing problems.  Nevertheless, I don’t think it would have been a great flavor anyway.

My second pint was their White Chocolate Mint (pictured).  Much better.  Strong mint flavor with mint leaves scattered throughout the ice cream.   The rich white chocolate pieces paired well with the mint.  The only critique would be that I feel their ice cream has too much overrun (air); its too “fluffy” and not as dense as I prefer.  However this is only my opinion, and I think many people would happy with this ice cream.

So if you live in the Maryland/DC area, pick up a pint and let me know what you think!  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Update 5/14/13: I had a chance to visit the Moorenko’s in Silver Spring, Maryland today.  I tried a taste of the Cherry Blossom and the “Flavor of the week” Pistachio Rose.  Both had great flavor, but I went for a scoop of the Pistachio Rose.  Just enough rose flavor without being overpowering.  And the texture was great!  Creamier and denser than the version I bought at the store.  Worth a visit!


  1. Lisa says

    I frequent Moorenko's storefront and love their ice cream! Guinness is a favorite, as is cinnamon. They have so many flavors available daily, you find yourself going back just to try different ones.

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