Review: New Orleans Ice Cream Co.

new orleans ice cream company satsuma dreamsicle

On Scoop Adventures this week, I bring you another pint review.  Until last week, it had been many months since I wrote an pint review, so I thought I would write one more review before returning to recipes.  My review this week is one of the most fun reviews I have completed.  Instead of sitting in the kitchen tasting pints on my own, I had an ice cream party!

As part of a weekend picnic involving smoked meat and coleslaw, I invited my friends to try some of the 18 flavors of ice cream in my freezer.  A few pints were left over from my Three Twins Ice Cream review last week, and of course there was some of my own ice cream to try (Passion Fruit Yogurt, Gin & Tonic Ice Cream, and White Chocolate Lavender), but the main reason I spread out the pints in front of my friends was to sample 8 different new flavors made by New Orleans Ice Cream Company.

ice cream party new orleans ice cream company

I previously reviewed a pint of coffee ice cream from New Orleans Ice Cream Company, so it was exciting to try some other flavors.  New flavors include: Bananas Foster, Cajun Rum & Raisin, Hubig’s Apple Pie, Lemon Doberge Cake, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Mississippi Debris, Satsuma Dreamsicle, and White Chocolate Bread Pudding.  Of course I tried a spoonful on each flavor.  Several of the flavors were too sweet for my taste and/or had too much over-run (air), but many of my party guests enjoyed them.  I will highlight my three favorite flavors.

Mississippi Debris – Rich milk chocolate ice cream filled with every mix-in imaginable.  I enjoyed this ice cream because it was the most dense of the bunch, with less overrun, and the chocolate flavor was bold.  And I love crunchies in my ice cream.

Lemon Doberge – Tart lemon ice cream mixed with bits of lemon doberge cake.  Doberge cake is a popular, thinly layered dessert originating in New Orleans, often made with lemon cake and layered with chocolate pudding or icing.  This version didn’t include chocolate but the lemon flavor was nicely balanced and the cake was evenly distributed.

Satsuma Dreamsicle – Vanilla ice cream with fruity swirls of satsuma.  I was a big fan of dreamsicle popsicles as a child, and the flavor in this ice cream is spot on.  Although I would have preferred a more tart citrus orange flavor (now that my taste buds have grown up a little bit), the flavor brings back memories of childhood summers.

Try these new flavors before they are gone!  If you don’t live in New Orleans, you can order online.

Disclosure:  New Orleans Ice Cream Company graciously sent me 8 free pints of ice cream.


  1. Carla says

    Your post made me miss New Orleans. Your review was great, I could almost taste Mississippi Debris you wrote about.

  2. flu says

    tried the Lemon Doberge today… it was amazing!! Trying the Cafe au Lait/Beignet and Mississippi Debris flavors next.

    • says

      I ordered 8 pints of NOLA ice cream today:

      2 Cafe au lait and Beignets
      1 Lemon Doberge
      1 Rum Raisen
      1 Praline Crunch
      1 Mardi Gras Pie
      1 Baked Alaskan
      1 White Chocolate Bread Pudding

      Hope I got some winners. Shipping was 35 bucks!! yikes, but so excited.

      Thanks for your great Blog!!

      Cheers from Boston


      A Day in the Bite

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