Review: Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream

starbucks java chip ice cream review

I feel I need to make a confession.  I have a special place in my stomach for the Starbucks Java Chip Frappachino.  Why I feel this is such a sin I’m not quite sure.  I think it may be due to my commitment to supporting local businesses, or maybe its just the sheer calories in one of those things, but either way it is nice to get in off my chest.

When I came across the sample-sized version of the Starbucks Java Chip ice cream in my local grocery store, I was elated.  If I buy this, I thought, I support a local grocery store and I’m eating less calories!  Score!  I was not disappointed.  Each little scoop tasted just like a frappachino.  And it came with a cute little spoon as a bonus.  So if you want to indulge in a bit of coffee and chocolate sometime, give this tiny-sized treat a try on for size.


  1. says

    Omg I need to try this!! I haven't noticed any anywhere around here in Montreal! Do they have other flavors as well? The caramel frappuchino is one of my favorite!

  2. Meryl says

    I love this flavor! I also love their other ice cream flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Coffee/Espresso, and Vanilla Bean.

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