Review: Steve’s Ice Cream

steves ice cream review mexican chocolate salty caramel

It is time for another review!  I heard about Steve’s Ice Cream sometime ago, but only recently did the pints make their way to the Whole Foods in my area.  As a small batch ice cream maker based out of Brooklyn, Steve’s creates grown-up spins on traditional flavors as well as their own interesting creations.  According to the website, Steve’s is the inventor of mix-ins (who knew?).  They also make several non-dairy ice creams, for those who can’t or choose not to eat dairy.

I had the opportunity to try two flavors – Salty Caramel and Mexican Chili Chocolate.  Both flavors were kick-ass!  Great texture, probably one of the best I have found in pints.  Really bold flavors.  I loved that they were not afraid of salt in the caramel swirl.  Also loved the heat from the chocolate mix-ins in the Mexican Chili Chocolate Ice Cream.  If I wasn’t busy making so much ice cream for my cookbook, I would go out and buy several more pints.  Most intruguing are the NOLA Coffee & Donuts (since I just moved from there) and the Brooklyn Blackout.

Good news!  You can order Steve’s Ice Cream pints online!  Super cool.  Get some.  Now.


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