Review: Three Twins Ice Cream

three twins ice cream review

I have lost track of the number of ice cream pints in my freezer right now.  I think I am up to 18.  Some the pints are filled with ice cream and sorbet made by me, and other pints are filled with ice cream sent to me.  Normally I do not get many perks in my day job, but my hobby of blogging about ice cream occasionally results in chances to taste other ice cream creations.

When the owner of Three Twins Ice Cream contacted me, I figured it would be worth a try.  The ice cream seems to be right up my alley.  Like most good ice creams, the ingredients are simple: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, evaporated cane juice, and fresh and/or organic ingredients for flavor.  This is all you need for good ice cream.  I was eager to try it.

three twins ice cream review 3

I bought three flavors: Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Speck, Chocolate Orange Confetti, and Sea Salted Caramel.  The results were mixed.  All of the ice creams had a good texture – not too much over run and a somewhat chewy texture, just like I like it.  My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Orange Confetti.  Forward milk chocolate flavor with undertones of orange, flecked with small pieces of chocolate for added texture.  I love the flavor combination of chocolate and orange, as I have a similar scoop, and this scoop stood up to my expectations.

The Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Speck was a solid scoop, but I would have preferred a stronger vanilla flavor.  The company makes a Madagascar Vanilla, which is the type of vanilla I use in my recipes, so I would be interested in trying this flavor as well.  The Sea Salted Caramel tasted mostly like vanilla to me.  Definitely needs more salt, and I really like a a strong, almost-burnt caramel flavor in my ice cream, which was missing.  However if you like a lighter tasting caramel like the chewy candy, this may be the ice cream for you.

Overall the ice creams had a good texture and solid flavor.  I will definitely seek out other flavors and go back to the store and pick up another pint of Chocolate Orange Confetti.

Disclosure: I was sent coupons for free pints by Three Twins Ice Cream

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  1. Grace says

    Thanks for this review. I'm surprised you didn't love their ice cream though! I picked up a pint of the Madagascar Vanilla at a Whole Foods here in Washington, D.C. and I absolutely loved it! I am not a big ice cream fan either, so I'm grateful to this brand for opening my eyes to how delicious it can be. My favorite by far.

    • says

      Grace – Since my review I have tried their Mint chip ice cream which is very tasty and by far their best flavor. I have not tried the Madagascar vanilla, but I wondered if it would have a better flavor than the Vanilla Bean Speck. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Eli says

    I think this ice cream taste horrible! I tried the chocolate chip cookie dough, the dough was very wheaty in flavor. Chocolate was mediocre. Ice cream was Not at all creamy, it had a frozen milk texture, also very bland, couldn’t taste the vanilla.

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