Mango Sorbet

mango sorbet

Mango sorbet arrives at Scoop Adventures a little late, but better late than never.  I LOVE this sorbet.  So simple and the perfect way to enjoy mango.  I have made Mango Ice Cream and although it is lovely, the cream overshadows the subtle, almost floral flavor of the mango.  Sorbet is the way to go.  I was lucky enough to have a few leftover mangoes in the fridge from another ice cream project, so I made this sorbet.  I have been eating it every night! Enjoy!

Mango Custard

mango custard

If you have read my blog before or made one of my recipes, then you are likely aware I am advocate of non-custard based ice creams.  It is a personal preference.  I prefer the texture of Philadelphia-style ice creams (milk and cream only), and I feel it is a better base for the flavorful ingredients to shine.  Despite my personal preference, I decided it is important to occasionally make a custard ice cream so I can practice and understand the technique.  I will be working on an ice cream project that will likely require me to make custard-based ice creams (more details to come), so I might as well start now.